2008 Philadelphia Documentary & Fiction Festival 
WINNER - best direction

Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona 2009 
WINNER - best photography

2008 Festival du Cinema de Paris (France)
Mention Spécial du Jury;

2009 International Filmaker Festival (Kent, UK)
Nomination for the best short film;


61^ Festival du Film Locarno (Switzerland)
15^New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (USA);
13^Strasbourg International Film Festival (France); 
The Golden Gate Fiction & Documentary Festival (USA)
9^Digifestival - total art festival (Florence,Italy)
62^ Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno (Italy) 
13^Tehran International Short Film Festival (Iran)
9^Corto Potere (Bergamo, Italy)
Festival du Cinema de Paris (France)
Urban Film Festival (Tehran, Iran) 
Short Film Festival of Los Angeles
Athens International Film and Video Festival (Ohio,USA)
International Film Festival South Africa
Cannes Independent Film Festival


Orio al Serio” International Airport ( BG - Italy ), like a…moving town where passengers “coexist” with space and time in an unusual awareness of living an in-between moment linking the present and the future! The sound is the element used to create this work. Sounds, produced by aircrafts, transporting luggage machinery, airport vehicles, or passengers mobile phones (waiting for their flights) …become the “engine” of a music soundtrack composed by Alberto Nacci.The soundtrack is played by the author with the Senegalese percussionist Dudu Kwatech. The alto sax “sings” to portray soft melodic lines which only in the final movement express in order to… give free rein to an idea: the idea of a moving reality following the needs, the desires, the expectations and …the dreams of people who are about to reach a new far off destination. They will be greeted there by another … moving town.

written and directed by Alberto Nacci

music composed and performed by Alberto Nacci
(alto sax, synthetizer)

  percussion - Dudu Kwatech

Videoart project realized thanks to SACBO SpA

Total time: 11'

produced by ajpstudio - 24044 Dalmine (BG) Italy Via Lorenzo Lotto 1  tel +39 035 37 37 09  email: info@ajp.it  -  web: www.ajpstudio.it